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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I get my dog groomed?

This will depend on what type of dog you have. However, it is generally seen that dogs that are clipped come into the salon every 6-8 weeks for restyling or alternate with a maintenance bath in between and come every 3-4 weeks. Dogs that are double coated will drop their coat at different times but coming in every quarter will help shift any coat build up and help them prepare for the next season. Some dogs are big shedders or love getting dirty so every 3-4 weeks will make home maintenance easier. See how you get on with your groom and we can create a schedule that works for your household.


At what age can I bring my puppy to you?

As long as they've had their injections and are able to go out for their walkies we can accept them for grooming, this is usually one week after their injections and is from 12 weeks of age. The sooner you can bring your puppy the better as they go through a 'no fear' phase whilst growing up and lasts until 20 weeks of age. During this time you need to positively introduce your puppy to everything.


Do I stay with my dog or do I leave him/her with you?

We like to build a strong bond with your pet and earn their trust. In order to achieve this it is best they are left with us so that we have their full attention. As well as this many insurance companies do not cover us and our work whilst owners are present as dogs are more likely to be excitable on the table. Therefore for your pets safety, we politely request that you do not stay in the salon during the grooming process.


My dog is in season/ just been neutered can they still be groomed?

Yes, bitches in season can still be groomed as long as they feel comfortable and you have informed me prior to arriving so I can keep intact males away from the salon. Neutered dogs generally have to wait until 10 days post-op (when sutures are removed unless dissolvable), to allow the wound to close and tenderness to reduce.


What else do you offer?

We are constantly searching for new products and treatments we can offer. Alongside our natural shampoos and conditioning treatments, we now offer a specialist de-shedding mud bath treatment for those dogs struggling with moulting. This service extends the grooming appointment so needs to be booked in advance.
We also offer the Emmi-Pet Ultrasonic Teeth cleaning. Again, this service requires booking in advance and details can be found in our Services section of the website.


Is there parking at the address?

Corby - There is street parking immediately outside the salon as well as a free car park just on the next street.

Market Harborough - There is bay parking on the street, multiple Pay & Display car parks and a free drop off & collection spaces in the carp park immediately next to the salon.


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