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Spa Extras & Walk In Services

Emmi-Pet Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning

The Emmi pet's innovative toothbrush, equipped with ultrasound wave technology, works to provide a deep and thorough cleaning for your pet's teeth and gums. Each bristle transmits ultrasonic waves to the toothpaste, millions of micro-bubbles are created to effectively remove bacteria, food remains, plaque, and unpleasant "dog breath".

Bookable online or added onto any grooming service.

Consult - £40

30 minutes - £30

15 minute Add on - £15

Nail Filing Add On - £3

We check every nail on every paw and we trim them when needed, but clipping does leave a sharper finish. So why not upgrade and include our Dremel file to round off those nails and get that

paw-fect finish.

Nail Clipping - £8

Our walk in nail clipping service allows you to pop in as you pass by and keep on top of those long nails. If your dog is frightened or reactive this can be booked in advance.

Madra Mor De-Shedding Mud Bath

Our Madra Mor de-shedding  mud treatment is exclusively designed for those pooches that regularly sheds hair. Our professional groomers spend 30/15 minutes massaging the mud treatment deep into the roots of the hair, which not only moisturizes the skin but also helps to remove any loose or dead coat from nose to tail. The Madra Mud treatment is the perfect way to keep your furry companion healthy and happy.

Book now for a soothing and satisfying experience!

30 minutes - £15

15 minutes - £10

Cleansing Facial Wash - £3

​Give your Pooch that fresh feeling. Our new foaming face wash is specially designed to help lift tear staining and freshen those faces. Great for all breeds but especially good for those fluffy faces needing an extra plumping.

Nail Filing - £10

Just like our walk in nail clipping but with that smooth and round finish. The nail filing will help your dogs quicks recede, overtime allow for a shorter finish. It's great for those dogs that dislike the 'clip' of the nail clippers.

Seasonal V.I.Pooch Spa Upgrade

Throughout the year we offer a seasonal spa upgrade. This always includes a scented natural cleansing shampoo, matching fragrance, breath freshening foam, moisturising paw balm, nail filing, photo and bandana.

Gingerbread Spa


Love is in the 'Hair'

Moisturising Paw & Nose

Balm - £2

Our dogs little paws have very little protection. Give them a little treat and add in the moisturising paw balm at the end of their groom. Gently massaged in to help sooth any roughness and cracks. 

Pawdicure - £15

The whole package. 

A walk in or bookable service to focus just on those toes. It includes a pad clip out, between toe trim, nail clip & file.

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