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Full Grooms

This is what everyone thinks of when they think of grooming. It involves a thorough clean in the bath using a natural organic shampoo, a high powered dry to remove loose hair then a warm blow dry and brush  to fluff up the coat.

This is followed by clipping/scissoring to any style (given that there are no knots in the coat).

Nail trimming and ear care (cleaning &/or plucking) are included every time.

Prices depend upon size and nature of dog, coat condition and style of groom.

Long Hair (LH)

This service involves a deep clean and removal of loose coat using a natural organic shampoo, ideal for double coated breeds (Husky's, GSD's, Pom's, Chow's) that don't usually require clipping. This groom includes a deep de-shed and rake out before and during the bath and again during drying. Maximising the removal of loose dead coat. We use a special mix of our natural shampoo and conditioner to give your pet the best results in the most comfortable way.

Pad clip, nail clipping and ear cleaning are included in every groom. The furnishings are scissored to a length suitable for the coat and by personal request.


Short Coat (SC)

This service involves a deep massaging clean and removal of loose coat, ideal for short coated breeds (Pug's, SBT's, Labs) that don't usually require clipping. This groom includes a deep de-shed within the bath and again during drying. Nail trim, pad clip and ear cleaning is included.

This service is perfectly matched with the Madra Mor Mud Bath to really help remove all that loose coat. Short coated breeds can get compacted hair around their brow, cheeks and knees and the mud bath helps open the follicles so we can massage the skin and removing the dead coat. 


This type of groom is only available to dogs that have not been clipped previously and has a coat that is naturally strippable.

For wire coats it involves pulling the loose top wire coat by finger and thumb to reveal a soft and colourful undercoat.

For Spaniels it involves banded the coat and pulling out the loose fluffy undercoat leaving a shiny weatherproof top coat.

A full body hand-strip, includes nail trim, pad clip, ear clean and a bath.

Handstripping is a natural process and the final finish may take several visits to achieve (especially when young).

Price will depend on time, size and nature of dog.


Puppy Grooming

We recommend bringing your pup as early as possible to get a really positive start to grooming. It is best to have two to three introductions before we start our full grooms as it builds your pups confidence and slowly changes their look without being a shock to you (Haircuts).

Puppy grooms are flexible to each individual dog that comes to the salon, but it generally involves a play in the salon, bath, dry, brush, light scissoring or clipping if necessary, nail trim, eye care, ear care.

We include techniques and training for you, so bring any equipment you use and any questions you have.

Introduction to grooming for under 6 months only

Additional introduction services available for older pups

Cat Grooms

Personalised for your cat, depending on their stress levels and behaviour.

We are able to routinely brush out cats that have struggled to groom themselves and are full with their winter coat. We can matt clip where needed or offer a full lion trim (depending on behaviour).

Bathing isn't routine and we do require a handling session before we will bathe a cat.

Sessions are available on Saturday afternoons.

Brush outs start at £40

Brush & Clip starts at £50

Lion clips start at £65

Bathing starts at £80


Deposits are required for cat bookings.

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